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Here is some frequently asked questions. we hope it will helpful. Click on a question to show answer.

Bell Software is used for many purposes:

i. Making record-keeping & school management process easy

ii. To introduce new features with advanced technology

iii. To ensure accuracy in every transaction involved in school management process .

While developing Bell Software, all the basic as well as advanced requirements of schools have been kept in mind. Bell Software is fully customizable, so you can opt to get updates regarding new features.
Bell Software has been developed in such a way that it can be used for managing multiple school branches easily & efficiently.
In manual system a lot of time and efforts are required in addition to huge staff. Also it is extremely difficult to search the data when required. Searching for any record/data is also a difficult job. Bell Software makes it extremely easy to handle all these tasks.
Being Windows based the software is fully compatible with latest operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7
It is very easy to Import & Export data in Bell Software. It just requires a few clicks to Import & Export data.
All the basic as well as advanced reports required by the school can be very easily generated & printed by Bell Software
The software uses advanced encryption methodology to ensure maximum security of data.
While developing Bell Software, all the basic & advanced requirements of schools have been kept in mind. Bell Software uses advanced data abstraction technique to provide fastest data access. Bell Software has many advanced & updated features to make it a unique product in its category.
Offline version of Bell Software is to be installed directly on the client computer. The client then interacts with the software interface. The online version of Bell Software is directly accessed over the internet. The client does not need to install it on his computer. The client interacts with the software through the web browser.

i. In online version, there is no need to install it on client computer.

ii. The data is accessible securely throughout the world only to concerned users

iii. There is no fear of data loss due to hardware faults

iv. Data security is significantly ensured in online version

The client can check the features of Bell Software before purchasing it
The trial version of Bell Software is not provided to ensure integrity & security.
The data backups in online version can be taken regularly with great ease.
Bell Software is fully customizable; hence if you require any additional features, you can get the software updated.
The demo videos of Bell Software are available at our website for free. Bell Software can be downloaded from our website by the downloaded link provided upon request.
Bell Software is very easy to install. Still if you face any problems, then our technical support team is always there to assist you in installation.
We provide free training where required, either by visiting your premises or online by using advanced tools, which seamlessly help us assist you as if we are in the same room. Furthermore, an instructional CD is provided to you containing tutorials about complete usage of the software.
Our technical support team is always there to provide you free support whenever required. What you have to do is just call our technical support department.
Bell Software comes in various packages. Depending on your requirements, you can decide which package is suitable for you.

i. Instant free email & telephonic support

ii. Get new updates instantly

iii. Free installation & installation support.

A package can be updated to other by paying a very reasonable amount.
Our technical support department will always be there to assist you in installation as well as operation of software.
The Bell Software will be valid for one year from the date of purchase, after that you can use it paying a small AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) amount.
The tutorial CD provided with the software will have all the tutorials required for backup/restore of data along-with other operations of data.
Bell Software is extremely user-interactive & very easy to use. You don't require any special training for operating the software.
When you need support our support team is always there to assist you instantly by email or telephonically during working hours. Satisfaction guarantee

i. Direct bank transfer


iii. Cheque

iv. If cash the collect receipt from our executive